Company History

Acrofanatics Company Profile

Acrofanatics were formed in August 2004 by Eleanor Hooper and Rosie Morrison and have since performed Acrobatics and run Workshops in many unusual locations throughout Europe.

Acrofanatics are committed to creating high quality Circus, Theatre and Corporate Entertainment.

Acrobatic Shows are enhanced with Voice , Mime, Dance, Physical comedy  and Puppetry to create unusual physical theatre.

Acrofanatics have made circus workshops accessible to an increasingly large spectrum of People to get fit and active, work together, gain confidence and enjoy an improved standard of life.

Experience Includes

  • Corporate Entertainment
  • School education programs
  • Community Projects
  • Theatre Performances 
  • Festival Work
  • Street Shows
  • Touring Circus
  • Costume Design
  • TV  / Internet Video productions 

Performance, Education & Pilates